Consumer Research

Since Fractl’s inception, we’ve taken a research-driven approach to increasing our clients brand engagement. From understanding the emotions behind viral content to identifying publisher link networks, we’ve gone far beyond the “let’s see what sticks” approach that other agencies rely on for your success.

Growth Strategies Backed by Research


We use survey and interview methods to explore target audiences’ attitudes and opinions. If you’ve ever wanted to ask your target audience a question, we can get you the answer.


Gathering a targeted group in our lab, we allow our participants to run ideas off each other and can quickly understand the attitudes of of an audience to help you solve your marketing issues.


Ever wanted to know what your target market sees when they look at something online? Utilizing our eye tracking technology, we can find out what people are seeing and can use that data to help you highlight what you want your consumers to notice.


Using biofeedback technology we can optimize a piece of content to be as appealing as possible. Using our Electrodermal sensors, we can understand how your target audience is reacting in millisecond by millisecond increments.


Utilizing eye tracking, biofeedback, click tracking, and survey technology, we can get a full picture of how an audience engages with a piece of content, a website, or any screen based environment.

Scientific Testing

Today, clients can opt into rigorous scientific testing across our entire marketing process, making us one step closer to guaranteeing results.

We are constantly studying our own processes on the lookout for improvements. Our team uses cutting edge methods to learn more about the way content goes viral on the internet. From mapping neural networks of publisher syndication to tracking the physiological relics of neurons firing in the brains of our participants, we study anything we can think of to make our content better.

Fractl has always been on the cutting edge of content marketing (since before it was even called that). I consider them a key piece of our team and growing success. If you’re willing to push the envelope and think in terms of ‘there is no box,’ then you want to work with Fractl.

–Jeff Smith, CEO at Recovery Brands